Which Male will Prevail? Ozzie, FV/PB/M15 (that’s one eagle) or another outcome?

Just an update on the happenings at the Southwest Florida Eaglecam nest.  Ozzie returned yesterday and is now battling with the eagle that has been with Harriet for the past 6 months or so.  Originally he was referred to as FV – Frequent Visitor, then PB – unsure, have seen a couple of explanations of what PB was for, now the cam folks have decided to designate him as M15.   I know that human emotions are running high (mine too).  I will say that I am glad to see that Ozzie is healthy enough to return and fight for his territory and am hopeful that whichever eagle prevails does so without serious harm to the loser.  It is so interesting to consider what we are learning from this scenario, with a long time mated couple, then disrupted for many months apart, and a new male beginning to bond significantly with the female during that separation.  What does ‘mate for life’ really mean? We are about to learn more about just that part of eagle’s lives and it is fascinating!  I, like so many dedicated eaglecam watchers, will take a step back emotionally as much as possible, and try to focus on what we are learning about the eagles and their nature.   Having said that, hugs to all as we watch the drama unfold through the wonderful ground reports and pictures.  A couple of good places for info and photos are Dee Kelly’s Facebook page, the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Facebook page and wskrsnwings YouTube channel for videos

5 thoughts on “Which Male will Prevail? Ozzie, FV/PB/M15 (that’s one eagle) or another outcome?”

  1. As we still come to grips with the loss of our beloved Oz, it seems more and more likely that FV has come to grief as well, because he would never have left Harriet by design. He had found his new mate and nest and they had bonded. It is all so very sad and as we get closer each day to the season, I don’t think we will see a new family this year! As you rightly say, Mother Nature, and God have the last say and we can only watch, hope and pray and keep our thoughts with Harriet and HER health and safety. She is a magnificent Eagle and deserves only the best for the rest of her life. Ozzie is with his babies now watching over his beloved.

  2. I am so excited that Ozzie has returned and I hope that he prevails in his effort to reunite with Harriet! It is so easy for us to react emotionally to “our” eagles, but sometimes hard to accept natures way. I certainly hope neither Ozzie or FV are injured during this territorial dispute. Thank, Twizz for keeping us updated!

  3. Oh dear I hope FV is safe and can move on and find a wonderful new mate. Im amazed Ozzie is home again and of course we were all routing for him but FV has grown on us and we love all our Eagles! PB was for Pretty Boy but FV Was already in use pretty heavily.

  4. Very informative. I’m hoping Ossie prevails. Wouldn’t it make sense that a long time mate and female would also convey in their own way that she knows Ossie? Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

  5. Thank you for providing these updates. It’s amazing the ramifications of Ozzies injury, and our human responses, assumptions and interpretations of it all. Meanwhile I encourage anyone so moved, to use this expanding drama as an opportunity to express their appreciation and support for efforts such as the SWEagle cam, to make a contribution to the foundation at http://southwestfloridaeaglecam.com. Thanks for the opportunity to express support for the ground crews and volunteers and Pritchett group whose efforts over the past several years have given us a glimpse of the reality that unfolds behind the beauty and mysteries of our natural world. S.Hunt

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