Eagle Ozzie injured again, rescued and receiving care!

Well, the Ozman is back in care at CROW.  Heather Halle, a very resourceful young woman realized that she had an injured eagle in her yard, suspected it might be Ozzie, and reached out on the Internet through the SWFEC eaglecam Facebook page for help in contacting CROW. CROW is the clinic where Ozzie rehabbed earlier this year. Thanks to Heather, the Internet rapid responders and CROW for their immediate response to pick up Ozzie to get him into care!

Here is what CROW posted about an hour ago on their Facebook page about Ozzie’s condition:

“Ozzie is still currently being examined by CROW hospital staff but here are a few details that we can share. He has wounds on his back and near his hip most likely received while fighting for his nest a few days ago. He has a couple broken toes that has already started to heal but this is a concern because he needs to hunt for food and defend himself. X-rays of Ozzie will be taken later this afternoon and we will post more updates as they come in.”

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