Southwest Florida eaglecam is up and running for the new season

Link to cams: Three years ago, the Southwest Florida cam went live for the first time, and two weeks after that, I began to enjoy, watch and report on the Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and their offspring on this blog.

There have been many ups and downs as there can be with eaglecams, but I am happy to see a new season with this cam as we continue to watch and learn more about the eagle families that we love so much.

As so many are, I am also struggling with the heartbreak of losing Ozzie, and at these times question the ability of my heart to continue to watch and report the real life stories of the eagles.  But somehow the truth and beauty of these eagles always calls me back, and restores my heart, as does the wonderful group of people that share the experience.   For those that must take a break or step away, you have my respect and understanding always.  As someone very eloquently posted somewhere (sorry don’t remember where I saw it), “Eaglecam watching is not for the faint of heart”  Much love…Twizz

3 thoughts on “Southwest Florida eaglecam is up and running for the new season”

  1. My dearest dear Twizz. Have often wondered how your heart can take it but so glad that you have the strength and tenacity to report and keep up to date with all of the nests. We on the Maine Eagle Cam1 (w/o a cam to watch) still meet daily to talk of other eagle nests, bears, ospreys and generally be social, so much appreciate your posts and recognize, applaud and appreciate the time, effort and love that you put into this. Our bonds with nature and each other will last a lifetime. Hope you keep it up forever-we do so count on you! Thank you!

  2. I am so glad to see the eagle cam up and running again. I am so sad for all that has happened in the past 7 months or so. I hope that Harriet and M15 will continue on together and that we will have eaglets to watch next year.

  3. Thank you Twizz for doing all that you do!! Keep us all updated & informed of what is going on in the world of Eagles. I hope you stick around doing what you do best. I also along w/many folks out there are having to start the healing process for the loss of our Ozzie. It will take time for sure. I now worry for Harriet that she does not loose her nesting site. She i’m sure has already felt the loss of her beloved one the “Ozman” Nature has it’s ways to pull us all along. I watch many sites & have seen many losses in the past 4/5 years – never an easy time. Prayers go out to all Eagles that they will survive & continue the legacy they so give us the joy of watching. Not sure that really makes sense but i’m not in the shape to really care. I’m sure you get what i’m trying to say. Loss of words just sneaks up on me. May we all heal in time & we will always have the fantastic memories of Ozzie. Thank you to CROW & the Pritchett family for all they do!!!! Heal well everyone

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