New eaglecam! Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana!

We have a new eaglecam to watch!  This one in Louisiana.  The eagle pair has been seen visiting and I was able to catch some nestorating happening when I watched a few evenings ago.   From their main web page, scroll down to ‘Spotlights’ section where it says ‘Eagle_cam’ which is the link and the login and password are shown there.  I had some troubles with my Internet browser needing certain things like Java, so hopefully you won’t have those issues.  I put together some tech tips on what worked and didn’t for me. The view from the cam is really nice and it looks like an active pair to follow, so I am looking forward to it!  Big thanks to eagleguy64 for alerting me to the new cam!

17 thoughts on “New eaglecam! Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana!”

  1. Well for some reason I can’t post a reply on your tips for this cam, so I will post it here. I tried everything and I mean everything. Then for some reason I hit wrong button (Quicktime) and it popped right up. Go figure all the help and trying I have been doing and a slip of the finger and I got it HA!HA!HA!

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