Sneak peak: Two new eaglecams!

I’m calling the info a sneak peak because things are not quite fully set up for these two new cams, but you can watch them now.  One is in Colorado and one in the mountains of Southern California.

In Colorado, we have the ‘E-470’ eaglecam.  The cam was actually partially operational last year, but the nest fell in June and the two eaglets were rescued.  This year they have it up and running with a 1 minute refresh (not streaming).  At the moment, you  may get a security error when you try to access the site.  It appears that their security ‘certificate’ for the site expired in Sept, so it should be an easy fix when they get to it.  But your choice if you want to bypass your browser’s warnings. (I did and it was fine)  The adult pair have been seen in the area and there was at least one report on their Facebook page that it looked like they have started to rebuild a nest.  Link to the Facebook page: and link to cam:

In California there is a new cam streaming near Big Bear Lake in Southern California.  The group sponsoring it is Friends of Big Bear Valley, but I haven’t been able to find any official info on their sites announcing the cam.  They are getting some help with setting up the cam from the great crew at IWS who bring us the Channel Islands eaglecams (Catalina West End, Sauces, etc).  It isn’t clear if the stream that is up and running now is just for testing or will remain.  It is a beautiful cam with a gorgeous view of the lake.  Here is a link to the current stream:

picture shown is from the Big Bear Lake cam

3 thoughts on “Sneak peak: Two new eaglecams!”

    1. yes, they have an outdated security certificate. I would imagine they will get that fixed soon. I didn’t have any problem going ahead with it and letting my browser set an exception, but that can be a bit scary. Hopefully, they will renew their certificate soon.

  1. How marvelous that we get even more chances to watch & enjoy these majestic birds! Bouquets to all involved for giving homebound folks such a delightful treat. Will eagerly watch for nesting/laying/fledging – LIFE! Much appreciated!

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