New eaglecam in Avon Lake Ohio!

We have another new eaglecam to watch!  This one at an elementary school in Avon Lake Ohio.  From the info I saw, the eagles began nesting in November 2014 and the kids at the school named the parents “Stars” and “Stripes”, they hatched two eaglets in April that the kids named “Pride” and “Hope”,  The cam has night vision (Infrared).  Link to cam:

5 thoughts on “New eaglecam in Avon Lake Ohio!”

  1. Your website is fascinating and fantastic. Do you get these e-mails yourself? Anyway I figure this out soon. I will keep my eye on this Ohio webcam. So exciting, so close to the old homstead.

    1. hiya! Yes, I monitor lots of news sources and Facebook pages and eagle webcams to attempt to keep up with the ‘breaking’ news for eaglecams in North America. There are a bunch of them in other places in the world too, but amazingly there is so much going on with Bald Eagle cams just in North America, I had to limit what I cover! 🙂 ((hugs))

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