Sneak Peak? New Eagle cam soon in Ohio?

There’s a question mark on that sneak peak headline because I found a live video feed called Sandy Ridge eagle cam and then on Facebook found the Lorain County Metro Parks Ohio page where they mention that they are working on getting an eagle cam up and running.  That was a couple of months ago – they were installing solar panels, but they haven’t officially announced that the cam is up and running and I didn’t find a pic on their site, so I’m connecting the dots between the feed and the Facebook page.  I haven’t been able to verify, but if we are lucky, it looks like we may have a new cam to watch soon!  Here is a link to their Facebook page:    I’m not providing the link to the cam feed since it looks like they may not be quite ready yet for the full clan of eagleholics descending on them quite yet LOL.   If anyone has more information, I’d love to know more about the plans for this cam!

One thought on “Sneak Peak? New Eagle cam soon in Ohio?”

  1. Several years ago there actually was an eagle cam at the Metro Parks (ohio) location. Is it the same one? I have no clue. The cam was motion activated, but a distant cam…so, ya never knew if there were eggs/eaglets until you saw heads pop up. I believe the last time the cam was “live” the nest had failed. I can’t remember why…LOL

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