A new look for the Eagleholic News website!

I’m excited to announce that the site has been updated with a new look and feel that should work much better on tablets and phones as well as computers!  Everything is still right in the same place as it always has been. I’ve just updated the site ‘wrapper’ so to speak.  I have a little bit of format updating to do as we go along, but I hope you’ll find the new look cleaner and easier to use.  I know it is always a bit of a jolt when a site changes, but my hope is that it will work better for more folks.  Please let me know if you have any trouble with the new format.  Thanks as always for your support!  Twizzkid

30 thoughts on “A new look for the Eagleholic News website!”

  1. Loving it !!! Much love to you Twizz for all you do. Still don’t know how you keep up with it all, but as you can tell we all appreciate it.

    1. Hi Twizzkid. Have followed you for a few yrs. happily. The new site makes so much sense. Thanks for all your hard dedicated work. I was somewhat puzzled when I wanted to see something [on Eagles -what else, ha.] – a link – last night, & forget name now of what but it asked me to put in a user name and password. Huh? I had no clue – tried a bit and gave up. I do have WordPress, 2 IDs, and if that was what it was asking for but did not seem so. When you hafve a second, anyy clue to what that was about. I hope that is not something we have to do to see a link, as if so, I will have to muddle through trying next time. Thanks. ~ Carol

      1. You were probably at the Upper Mississippi River nest. I noticed that the link from here takes you to the page after you would have seen to enter guest and guest for login and password. Happy eagle watching!

      2. Are you THE Chris7 from the NBG? I miss you and hope you are doing well. Glad you watch the eagle cams too.

      3. Hi Carol, as Chris suggests, could you have been trying to view the Upper Mississippi nest? for that one, the login is “guest” and the pw is “guest.

        The other site with passwords is Kisatchie. For that site the login is “bald” and the pw “eagle”.

        Hope that helps! If not, let me know. -Twizz

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