Watch Caution – SWFEC nest eaglet E8 possibly tangled

It appears that 11 day old eaglet E8 on the Southwest Florida nest may have its foot tangled in nest material.  I watched for a while and was unable to confirm, but there are enough reports that I decided to issue a watch caution.  E8 was certainly being very vocal.  While I watched, E8 was bonked quite a bit by E7 during feeding, but once E7 was full, E8 received a dedicated feeding, so the good news is E8 is getting food.  Hopefully the nest tangling will resolve itself.  I will post further info as I have it.    What is a Watch Caution?  While we all know that nature can be tough to watch when we choose to watch the nests, for some people, it works best not to watch when difficult things are happening.   My Watch Caution, Critical Watch Alerts and All Clear help to let people know when something is happening, so that each person can make their own decision on what works best for them in terms whether to watch.

11 thoughts on “Watch Caution – SWFEC nest eaglet E8 possibly tangled”

  1. Oh noooo, Taylor is injured? Ah dang. 😦
    Looks like help has arrived at SWF nest, hopefully E8’s leg is not damaged and he will stay in the nest, poor guy. Its been tooo long since we have seen a pair grow up together at this nest. We really need a good year there dont we?

  2. Thank you I won’t watch until your clear. Too hard, specially after Ozzie. Also I just saw on Facebook that Taylor (Eagles4kids) is injured, hope he heals ok.

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