First egg arrives at the RRP Ft St Vrain eaglecam nest!

Yay!  We have our first egg at the Ft St Vrain nest!  I got lucky and tuned in just as she was laying it, right before 9pm nest time.  She let us have a peek a few minutes later.  Link to cam:

8 thoughts on “First egg arrives at the RRP Ft St Vrain eaglecam nest!”

  1. Twizz can you please take a look at the Fort St Vrain nest. She has been off the egg a lot last 2 days. I can’t tell on my phone but egg looks funny to me. Thanks

      1. Thanks. She has been wandering around nest, acting strange. Maybe she is laying number 2? Bad wind here yesterday might have her edgy. Thanks for checking.

      2. She appears to have what looks like a blood spot on her head? Wind seems to be an issue. Can’t keep the live feed on laptop or phone. Dang, I love this nest and having watched them live, flying around, bringing nest material, hunting over the beet pile grounds, sitting in trees, sharing with my coworkers, I may be too invested? Just concerned. Sorry to be a pest. 😦

      3. you are not being a pest at all! Unfortunately the computer I’m on today isn’t streaming the cam very well, so I haven’t been able to watch FSV, so I’m not much help so far. Will watch more this weekend. Hang in there!

  2. I am so excited. I have been working out there for the last 5 weeks, and have seen them almost daily. This year the cam is in a format that I can watch on my phone!! I have everyone at work watching now too. I could tell she was close to laying yesterday by her behavior. Hope we have a good spring and all eaglets survive this year.

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