Watch Caution – Southwest Florida nest

I’ve been watching social media blow up with reports of the on nest aggression by eaglet E7 toward E8 and apparently lack of feeding of E8, all of which I think warrants a watch caution for the nest. The facts as they are being reported  are by people I know to be long time and accurate eaglecam watchers, so I trust the info.   I checked on the cam briefly and saw E7 bonking E8 at a non feeding time.

To be honest, I just can’t watch.  I will keep tabs on what is happening and report any news, but over the years, when these situations happen (and they sometimes do), I’ve made the decision for better or worse, not to watch personally any more.  Everyone must make that decision for themselves and must decide how involved they will be.  As your reporter, I will keep tabs, and let you know of important events, but I will apologize in advance for not providing a detailed play-by-play.  I just can’t handle it.

27 thoughts on “Watch Caution – Southwest Florida nest”

  1. IT is tough to watch, i have seen so much worse than this on this nest & other nests, i have been watching eagle’s nest for like 8-9 years now, i think Decorah was my 1st nest i watched, if it is hard to watch, dont watch, lol, that’s what hubby tells me all of the time!!

  2. Ozzie is no longer a factor….this happened for the last two years before M15 sired any eaglets….
    ……I’ve come to believe some genetic aberration is passed on by Harriet….the viciousness of the attacks is far worse than I’ve ever witnessed in any other nest and she’s the only constant. Like the rest of you, I can’t watch anymore

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