2 thoughts on “Second egg arrives at the Decorah eaglecam nest!”

  1. Hi twizzkid –

    First, thank you so much for all these updates – and wow – so many nests now!

    And did you do an announcement for the new egg at Carolina Raptor Center? Or are you not including them as they are a bit different from the wild nests?

    Thanks, Judy

    1. Hi Judy, I haven’t yet, but will. Since they have a camera I do include them as I do with AEF Dollywood. I was waiting to see if Savannah or her helpful staff let us know if they had been seen bonding or not this time around. I see they kind of answered that and I plan to post today, so much going on with the 2nd egg nests yesterday. 🙂 Thanks! Twizz

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