A quick 3 minute video tour of all the active eaglecam nests in North America

I did a snapshot of each nest as I made the rounds to check in on them this morning and thought it would make a fun video showing the stages of the nests at this point in the year.  Find the links to all of the cams shown on our Eaglecam list page: https://eagleholic.wordpress.com/eagle-cam-list/

17 thoughts on “A quick 3 minute video tour of all the active eaglecam nests in North America”

    1. Thanks for this. Most enjoyable.Do you know from anyone now, the current situation where there were 3 eagles together awhile ago? Also, the ‘Kids’ site -I’d wondered awhile ago, maybe asked, what if we know, became of Lucy? It is too bad she was not captured to be taken in for help as so many eagles are, lead poisoning, hit by vehicles, etc.. Larry was feeding her in the field last I read, but I have since seen written, reference to the new female now seemingly with Larry. Thanks. Carol

      1. oops, so sorry I forgot to answer you yesterday. At the 3 eagle site, all goes fine, with all 3 eagles still involved as far as I’ve seen. At Eagles4Kids, things have been really dynamic. The new pair Blair and Taylor seemed to be getting really close to nesting when an intruder male came along and actually looked to have ‘won’ the nest and Blair for a few days. At this point, Taylor has returned, but unknown if the disruption has caused any egg laying to be affected. Neither Larry or Lucy have been seen at the nest in quite some time, no reason to think anything bad has happened to them though, they seem to have just lost their rights to this nest. It is apparently really prime real estate for eagles.

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