Camera concerns at the RF Eaglecam nest – Camera has potentially come loose

The camera at the RF nest shifted a few days ago and was showing less of the nest, but this afternoon, a gust of wind got hold of it and moved it again significantly.  There is some concern with all the current movement of the camera, that the camera is dangling and could be a danger to the eagle family – although I haven’t seen confirmation that the cam is truly dangling.  The operators of the cam are aware and evaluating what they can do.  Here is what they posted on the RF chat “We are working on figuring what if any options we have to resolve our camera issue. Our primary concern is with the safety of the eagles and eaglets. I will provide updates as they are available.”  Link to cam:

6 thoughts on “Camera concerns at the RF Eaglecam nest – Camera has potentially come loose”

  1. And to top it off we will not even get to see if there is a third hatch–especially after that dramatic second hatch! GRRRRR!!

  2. Oops, I was thinking of the Ft St Vrain nest, not sure why. Nevertheless, I still wish the RF Eagle family a safe nesting season.

    Omaha, NE

  3. This doesn’t sound good does it, Twizz. I sure would hate to have the cam or other any heavy parts coming loose and falling into the nest and harming the family. The eagles do have their troubles at this nest the past few years. I know you will keep us posted of any news coming from there. Thanks you for this update.

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