First Hatch at the RRP Ft St Vrain eaglecam nest!

Super happy to see that we have a little one at the Ft St Vrain nest today!   Today is Day 41 since the first egg was laid, so, hoping that Mom and Dad eagle did a good job with delayed incubation and the other hatches will not be far behind!  Link to cam:

6 thoughts on “First Hatch at the RRP Ft St Vrain eaglecam nest!”

  1. None of the eaglets are in the nest hole anymore. I fear they are all dying or dead. Anyone know anything?

    1. last I checked they were fine and just exploring the nest. There is an area on this nest where the cam doesn’t see, so they could be in that area.

      1. I sure hope so! Mom is at the bottom of the nest right now and the little fuzz ball is way up at the top just hanging on. Sure hope he makes it back to mom. Thanks twizzkid!

      2. yep, I see the one at the top. Facebook reports say that it has been moving around, so that is good, just up away from sibs and mom. driving us crazy for sure 🙂

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