WATCH CAUTION! Hanover PA nest

There are many reports from cam watchers at the Hanover nest this morning that sadly, the eaglet has not been seen moving for many hours.  First I must say that I have no confirmation or definitive answer at this point.  The short time that I was able to watch without the cam buffering did not show the baby moving but it was a very short view.  I am sending out the Watch Caution primarily because if the baby has passed, there may be actions by the parents to remove the eaglet or even consume it, that some may not want to watch.  If I get any more definitive info, I will post it for sure.   Many hugs to all who love and watch this nest, and talons crossed that the concerns turn out not to be what is suspected.

6 thoughts on “WATCH CAUTION! Hanover PA nest”

  1. Yeah I’m opting out of this cam. I had my reservations yesterday..I may be new to watching cams but something is off here :/ much love and good vibes going their way ❤ Thanks so much for the update..

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