Third Hatch at the Ft St Vrain eaglecam nest!

Wow, three little ones at Ft St Vrain!  Talons crossed for a season of lots of food and good weather at this nest.  It is one of the more challenging nests for the eagle parents.  Link to cam:

16 thoughts on “Third Hatch at the Ft St Vrain eaglecam nest!”

  1. Mom and the 3 eaglets are curled up close as snow whips across the screen. Non is sticking so far, and they all look snug and peaceful. Rest well, and may more food come in later with Papa ❤

  2. Both eagles sit the nest right at this moment. The eaglets have been well fed; the parents have eaten, so it must be family time 🙂 It is still a marvel to me to see the return of the second adult. I am so happy that this is the cam I decided to watch this year! And, for now, the peace is quite a blessing ❤

  3. Have been watching Ft. St. Vrain Webcam 2 off and on since first egg hatch. In last 20 hours of off and on viewing I have only seen one adult eagle. As far as I can tell it is always the same one. That one eagle has left a few times but only for a few minutes, returning with nothing. Just now the one eagle returned again, after 15 minutes away. I can tell it is the same one because of a white feather showing on the left shoulder. One again, I see no signs of food. It will obviously have to leave again if the hatchlings are to be fed at all before night. This is so sad to watch… I will continue to watch as I can.

    1. I haven’t heard similar reports, but haven’t been watching as closely as you are. This nest always is one that has a very tough time. Talons crossed that we see both parents and food soon!

    2. Adult left for 5 mins. Came back with small catch. Fed # 1 eaglet; gave #2 some, but did not feed #3. #1 and #2 have crawled out of nest hollow to reach edge of nest where adult is perched. The adult continued tearing at and eating the food until it appeared to all be gone. #3 is not big not strong enough to leave the center at present. Adult moved away from two feeding ones and has its back to all three of them now as if ignoring them all. The wind is whipping up and none of the babes is/are in protected coverage.

      1. thanks, yes I watched too, so hard to see the little one trying to get to the food. hope there is soon more food on the nest for a good feed for all three. I did hear what I thought was a call from the other parent.

      2. 5:45 there at the nest cam. #3 almost made it up to the other two. The adult left about 5 mins ago. So the little ones are at the upper edge of the bedding material, against the twigs. It is sad to see them sitting there with their fuzzy little feathers blowing in the wind that has picked up. I have to leave off in half an hour and am hoping to see the adult come back and coax the babes all back into the cradled area. Good hunting, parent. Hope you return in time ❤

      3. Adult trying to sleep. I think all three little ones made it back into nesting cradle for the night. Rest Ft. St. Vrain eagles. Dream of soaring in the winds. Tomorrow is another day, and today has closed successfully ❤

    3. The second adult has returned! I am watching to see how the reception will unfold. So far the one that has been caring for the babes is treating the returnee with a bit of almost scorn. Even turned head away when the returning one tried to vocalize to it. Back when I have more news. Back again (it’s been nearly an hour now). Will post it this time. Parent 2 (the ‘returning’ eagle) went and brought back a couple of large twigs for the nest and was still ignored/not accepted by Parent 1. After about ten mins parent 2 left again. Parent 1 called out several times after parent 2 left. A few minutes ago Parent 1 fed all the chicks. They are following it, in their wiggly little ways, around the nest. Parent 2 has not returned again yet.

      1. They’ve come together and even chased off an intruder together. It is so great to see both parents there again. I have no idea where Parent 2 was, but it has been accepted back-thanks to the intruder. Keep up the good watch, lovely parents, and raise those young ones well ❤

  4. Good news! Yes one of the toughest nests to watch and the closest to my heart ♡ Thanks for what you do!

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