Watch All-Clear – Hanover PA nest

If you stepped away from watching the Hanover nest after the passing of the eaglet and not knowing how the parents would deal with it, it is okay again.  Dad eagle removed the deceased eaglet from the nest all together, so it is not visible in the nest at all at this point.   They continue to incubate the remaining egg, although, unfortunately, we are quite likely past the hatching window for the egg (although it is still possible).

I know many are wondering what the parents will do going forward.  I’ve seen nests where parents incubated for weeks past a viable egg date, and others where fairly soon after the hatching window passed, they resumed their normal non-raising-babies life.  Other times, it is possible for a second clutch – where eggs are laid again.  It is good to remember that, in general, the only time and reason that the eagles use the nest is to raise little ones.  Otherwise, they live their lives primarily away from the nests.  They will do what they need to, to keep ‘ownership’ of the nest. How vigorously they have to keep close to the nest to do that, depends on the area they are in and how much competition for nests exists.  There are lots of factors that affect the eagles lives and their actions, and ultimately, the eagles and mother nature will guide what path they take.  My thoughts are just based on the wonderful peeks we have gotten into their lives over the years that we have had eaglecams and are by no means the only options.  Link to cam:

8 thoughts on “Watch All-Clear – Hanover PA nest”

  1. Today the PA Game Commission posted saying that the second egg is not viable. I did see that it was left alone in the nest and Mom and Dad were elsewhere. Obviously it’s just not our year for eaglets. There have been questions as to what happened, but I can say that the weather here in good ole South Central PA is like it always is at this time of year (cold, hot, snowy/icy, lots of sunshine) so that wasn’t a factor. I guess we just need to chock it up to Mother Nature knows best and knows what she’s doing.

  2. it’s always a sad day when we lose an eaglet, & now a nonviable egg, wonder what happened? why did that eaglet die? genetics or something, i watched a video with the eaglet in it & it didn’t look right, something was off with the baby, i am still bumming about it, thanx though twiz

  3. I have been watching the eagle nests for several years now, ever since my son told me about THE SWFL NEST… I note all the nests on the map I downloaded from the News site.. I’m so glad I joined this site for all the updates on the various nests throughout the US & British Columbia.. I’ve been so appreciative of the alerts when there might be something that would cause me or others undue anxiety… Keep up the wonderful work… When the eagle nesting season comes to an end I will be checking on the various osprey nests… especially “Nellie” in British Columbia!

  4. I am saddened by the loss of the eaglet and I am hoping for a hatch in the remaining egg…if we do not have anything else at least we can have hope…thank you for all the updates..I appreciate it..have a great weekend!!

  5. This is my first time following any type of eagle activity and what a joy I have experienced in doing so. I have learned so much in the past couple months about these majestic creatures so I thank everyone involved for this educational and remarkable time!

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