Sad loss at Eagles4kids – the eggs have been destroyed by a male eagle intruder

I am so very sad to report that both of the eggs at the Eagles4kids nest were destroyed this morning by a male eagle intruder.   They have been plagued by an intruder for a long time, but had not been seen in a little while, so all were hoping that he didn’t disrupt nesting.  Unfortunately, he had other plans.  Last night there was an initial attack, where the nesting eagle pair Blair and Taylor defended the nest.  Male eagle Taylor did not appear hurt at that time, but has not been seen since the attack.   This morning the intruder male came in and destroyed the eggs.  Mom eagle Blair has continued to make motions of incubating which is expected.  As I watch this morning, the intruder male is back at the nest and Blair has joined him on a branch nearby the nest.   I won’t be issuing a watch caution, but there is a small amount of egg shell that can be seen on the nest.  Nothing more gruesome than that, but it is hard to see that empty shell there.   I have to admit, that while I enjoy all the nests, this one has a very special place in my heart and this has been very hard news to learn of and report.  Many hugs to all who love and watch this nest.   The picture shown is of Blair and Taylor together yesterday as they pulled together caring for their nest.   Link to cams:

10 thoughts on “Sad loss at Eagles4kids – the eggs have been destroyed by a male eagle intruder”

  1. Yes, I read that this morning. Awful. That nest seems to have the worst luck. And, it’s “Eagles4kids”. The poor kids that watch this, and adults, it’s so sad. P


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