Watch Caution – Sad loss of the youngest eaglet at the Avon Lake eaglecam nest

It appears that the youngest of the three eaglets passed away yesterday.  The baby was seen active and eating at yesterday’s morning feeding, but a few hours later, I was seeing reports that it just wasn’t visible anymore.  It is unclear what happened, but as I check this morning, it is certain that we only have two little ones now.  I know many folks, including me, looked through the video footage at various times yesterday and just couldn’t solve the mystery of what exactly happened.

I have issued a Watch Caution because the remains of the youngest eaglet are, I believe, visible in the nest bowl.  Yesterday I couldn’t tell if we could see the remains, but someone did report that they thought they were in the nest bowl, and as I watched this morning’s first light feeding, I suspect that is correct.  I’m not 100% certain.  Either way, since no one really saw exactly what happened, it is very likely that the remains are there and may be visible, so out of an abundance of caution I listed it as a Watch Caution.

Thank you to those who worked so hard yesterday to try and figure out what happened and who let me know that something was going on.

14 thoughts on “Watch Caution – Sad loss of the youngest eaglet at the Avon Lake eaglecam nest”

  1. Been seeing two eaglets in nest all day until just checked about 2:15 pm EDT and there’s only one! Did the older one spontaneously fledge and fly away, or…?

    1. Okay, I’m seriously over-involved in this family saga. The other chick and the adult have returned. So we have one now flying. Great, something else to worry about. 🙂

  2. Haven’t seen any adult in >24 hours and only one for a few days before that. Have been checking about 5:15 a.m. EDT and as late as 9 pm and through the day, but no adults and no food in the nest.

    1. An adult finally showed up last night, with a small fish. From the size of the adult I took it for the male (smaller). It doesn’t seem very adept at bringing food but so far the chicks are holding up. Had me pretty worried for a few days.

      1. it is good to hear that some food showed up. I was able to watch for a while yesterday and saw a parent arrive without food and leave fairly quickly as one of the eaglets pecked at the parents foot looking for food.

      2. There’s an adult in the nest now — 6:32 pm EDT — and they’re eating something but I can’t see what it is.

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