Possible owl attack on eaglets E7 and E8 at the SWFEC eaglecam nest. Where is E8?

I have been watching this story throughout the day and thought it a good idea to post what we know for sure and what we don’t know.  A cam viewer reported at about 3am Sat that it looked like an owl had attacked the nest and the eaglets and since that time E8 has not been seen.  The owl attack has not been confirmed, but what is confirmed is that E8 has not been seen all day.  Both eaglets have fledged and are able to fly, so E8 really could be anywhere.   It is unusual for a newly fledged eaglet to leave the nest area, but not unheard of.   It is also important to remember that the eaglets are bigger than the owls at this point in their life, so it is not at all likely that owl, if there an attack, would have carried E8 away or anything like that.  If E8 was seriously injured, it would be likely that he would be on the ground near the nest and many folks have been looking all day and have not seen E8 -although it is not clear whether the fields have been searched directly on the ground.  So talons crossed that E8 is just away, perhaps startled or scared away, but it is reasonably likely that all is okay.    I hope that helps a little bit with the worries.  We will all feel better if E8 pops up again on cam for sure, but all we can do at this point is trust that lots of people are watching for him and keep everyone posted.   Link to cam: http://www.dickpritchettrealestate.com/eagle-feed.html (the pic above shows E7 hanging out at the nest today)

11 thoughts on “Possible owl attack on eaglets E7 and E8 at the SWFEC eaglecam nest. Where is E8?”

  1. CROW is reporting on their Facebook page…
    A juvenile American bald eagle was found injured near the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam earlier today and brought to ‪#‎CROWClinic‬. After photo identification and other factors such as location and condition of the eagle, it is strongly believed to be E8. The eagle arrived thin, dehydrated and very weak. Radiographs showed a right leg femur fracture (broken leg) that will require surgery this weekend. E8 is currently in critical condition and will remain on strict cage rest. The prognosis is guarded and CROW veterinarians will have more information after surgery is complete.

  2. There was a news report who interviewed someone who said she found an injured Eagle near the nest but it flew away when a rehabber came to help her capture it. She also said one leg looked badly broken/shredded tendons, etc. Sounds pretty legit.

    1. Prayers someone is able to find this eagle and rescue him!! At least them we’ll know if it’s 8. Thank you for this info. Prayers, prayers, prayers!

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