Video: The May 7 owl attack of SWFEC eaglets E7 and E8

Thanks to Namanu apau who has provided a video so we can now see what happened in the early morning hours of Sat, when E7 and E8 were knocked off the branches. You can watch the video here (but a caution, it is a bit tough to watch them go through the attack):

(pic above: E7 hanging out this morning)

There is no further confirmed info on the whereabouts of E8. Here is what was posted on the Southwest Florida Eaglecam Facebook page:

“There has been a lot of speculation over the last 24 hours about E8’s location, safety & health. Nothing has been confirmed at this time.
We ask all viewers to remember that the SWFEC is intended to be an opportunity for passive observation into the world of nesting bald eagles. While we appreciate and share everyone’s concern, please do not engage in activities at or near the nest that could interfere with or disturb the eagles.
We all hope for E8’s safe return. Viewers can support this outcome by continuing to watch the cameras at home rather than congregating near the nest. Any confirmed information about E8 will be shared with our viewers as soon as it is available.
As always, any observation of an injured bald eagle should be reported to the closest permitted and licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility (CROW – Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, Inc.) by calling 239-472-3644.”

6 thoughts on “Video: The May 7 owl attack of SWFEC eaglets E7 and E8”

  1. whatever happened to e8? were there any injuries to e7? can an eagle catch a baby that has fallen out of the nest?

  2. When I was running the Namanu apau video at .25 playback I noticed motion in the LOWER cam on the right side against the white light. It appears at 3.19 on the video, 11 seconds after E8 was knocked off, and looks like an eagle leaving the ground and flying high. The cam clock is at 3:32 at that point. I haven’t seen anyone mention it and it could be E8.

  3. I wonder if search crew has observed any owl nest in the area which may have, in worse case scenario, evidence that E8 was carried there? Most of all, I like to believe he’s had enough of the harsher times growing up…and due to his big size, could fight off an owl? Couldn’t he fight it off from the ground? Watching the video of his fledge on May 2, he seems so strong and able to fly away. Talons crossed. & thank-you so much for all your Eagle News.

      1. eagles, young ones, are prey for owls. eagles are at the top of the food chain, but owls are mostly the only ones who prey on eagle babies or young eagles.

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