Watch Caution – Decorah North Nest (DNN)

I have been so hoping not to have to issue a Watch Caution, but it has been clear that the littlest eaglet at the DNN nest is not thriving the way everyone would hope. He is a true fighter and has been right up there scrapping for food when it is available.  But the difference in ages, made it especially tough from the start for this littlest of eaglets.  At this point, he seems very weak, so I must reluctantly issue a watch caution.  I know that many have been pulling for little DNN3 nicknamed “peanut” by some chatters, and have been making decisions on whether to watch as you need to already, but for those who may not be aware, or visit the nest casually, I wanted to make sure that you know that things appear to be getting more dire at this point so that you can decide.  There is always hope and I will report for sure if the situation changes.  ((hugs))

17 thoughts on “Watch Caution – Decorah North Nest (DNN)”

  1. Little Peanut(DNN3) passed during the night. His/her suffering is finally over and he/she can finally be set free. So sad to see such things happening in the nest. My heart breaks for little Peanut. Blessed be!!

  2. The mother just covered the deceased eaglet up with nesting material at Decorah North.

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