Eaglet E8 has been found! E8 is injured but in care at CROW

Wow!  Here is what CROW (Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife) is reporting on their Facebook page – there are some photos in the their posting here: https://www.facebook.com/CROWClinic/

A juvenile American bald eagle was found injured near the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam earlier today and brought to ‪#‎CROWClinic‬. After photo identification and other factors such as location and condition of the eagle, it is strongly believed to be E8. The eagle arrived thin, dehydrated and very weak. Radiographs showed a right leg femur fracture (broken leg) that will require surgery this weekend. E8 is currently in critical condition and will remain on strict cage rest. The prognosis is guarded and CROW veterinarians will have more information after surgery is complete.

15 thoughts on “Eaglet E8 has been found! E8 is injured but in care at CROW”

  1. Poor baby😢. I’ve watched the Eagle cam since the eaglets were little fuzzballs, and visited the Eagle Park twice. Praying for his recovery and hope his pain is lessened.

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