Update on injured eaglet E8 – surgery successful!

E8 is hangin in there!  So grateful for the wonderful care being received at CROW!  Here is what CROW added to the original Facebook post with an update

E8 had a successful surgery earlier today to repair the femur fracture. A pin was inserted to hold the bone in place and the eagle awoke with no complications. E8 still remains in critical care and will remain on strict cage rest. We will have an update on Monday. Thank you for your continued support.”

10 thoughts on “Update on injured eaglet E8 – surgery successful!”

  1. Our precious baby has had to “fight” all his life…getting bonked, fishing line around his foot, learning the big steal for food. He is already a mighty juvie. Dr Barron will absolutely release him, all being well with the leg and as soon as he self feeds, which we know he can already do! No, he was meant to be saved and to soar with the thermals. I read that natural instincts will kick in as it’s hardwired in them. Plus he will be getting flying practice in CROWS big place where Oz was. No news at the weekend has been Great news! I am in Australia, so won’t be able to see the update this morning your time, darn it. I just have to go to bed before my head hits the keyboard 🙂

  2. I love CROW, so appreciative of all the care they give each of their patients. Thank you for your updates about E8!

  3. Special thanks to all at CROW and their donors. E8 is a very fortunate little eagle to have received their wonderful services, not once, but twice! Stay strong, little one….praying to see you soar the skies soon.

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