Friday May 20 – update on injured eaglet E8’s recovery – upgraded condition!

Here is what CROW just posted on their Facebook page:

“Today, E8 received a second radiograph (x-ray) since the eaglets operation on Saturday, May 14. E8’s condition was upgraded to guarded based on blood work and clinical condition but
protein levels are still dangerously low. The fracture site and pin placement from the surgery look good and today E8 was able to stand and walk normal but still spends a majority of time down and sleeping.

The eaglet is responding to intensive care and is moving from a predominately liquid diet to a soft solids diet. Body weight has increased but E8 still remains extremely thin.

Although E8 still has a lengthy recovery, it was encouraging that the eaglet was willing to bear weight on its leg and use its foot and claw in a normal fashion which indicates normal nerve function.

We will have the next update available on Monday.”

2 thoughts on “Friday May 20 – update on injured eaglet E8’s recovery – upgraded condition!”

  1. Twizz, thank you for the update. Praise The Lord. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with our precious E8.

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