Tragedy strikes the Decorah North Nest – possible poisoning and DNN2 has apparently passed away.

Oh no.   I tuned in to find a very tough situation unfolding at the Decorah North Nest this afternoon.   The Raptor Resource Project (RRP) folks first posted that they were closely monitoring what looked like a possible poisoning situation affecting the eagle family at the nest, and had taken the cam offline.  Later, they posted that it appears that DNN2 has passed away.    I will include below what they wrote in both posts on their Facebook page.   The picture above was taken earlier today before the tragic events were evident.

At Decorah North Nest, we are watching a very urgent and sad situation that looks like it could be the result of poisoning by something the eagles ate. We are recording and monitoring what is going on for possible action or intervention, but have purposely decided that this should not be broadcast to the public.

We don’t know anything more at this time, but wish to express our sincere thanks for all of your good thoughts and well wishes as we are working through this tough time! We will give reports here as we continue to monitor privately and work with other agencies

then later:

9:15pm CT ~ Decorah North Nest Update

– A quick note from Amy: We have two eagle experts, including a veterinarian, monitoring the eagles privately tonight. Thanks for all of your good wishes and prayers for the eagle family. They are much appreciated.

RRP Executive Director, John Howe, sadly announces that it appears DN2 has passed. RRP closed the live camera view some time ago to spare viewers additional heartache, but privately monitoring the camera, DN2 has not been observed to be breathing for several hours.

We do know that DN1 is active, alert and was playing with sticks and nest fluff. Mom North is standing, flapping her wings, and looking like she may be recovering a bit. Dad has been observed off on the distant perch branch.

RRP is continuing to monitor the situation, and it is now dark in Decorah. RRP is also networking with other agencies and we will keep you posted as we keep a close eye on The North’s. We will also do our best to try and figure out the cause of today’s events to the best of our ability with other experts.

We have no other information at this time, and would are not able to address any other questions except for what is stated in this update. We sincerely appreciate all your kind thoughts, positive energy and prayers for the North Nest family.”

3 thoughts on “Tragedy strikes the Decorah North Nest – possible poisoning and DNN2 has apparently passed away.”

  1. Sick to my stomach is right–during nesting season we have to get used to losses-
    we lost one of our two tiny hatched snowy plovers at Siesta Beach last night sometime–he was missing this morning. This is more painful, knowing it is probably the fault of humans–it’s a wonder any of them survive

  2. Ohhh this makes me sick to my stomach. I watched them for awhile this morning and just now sat down for the night to relax and watch these 2 silly kids sleep, to learn we have lost DN2 and Mom may be affected? I cant even believe it. DN2 had the cutest little personality, loved gently beaking with DN1, such a cutie, I will miss him so. Not sure I am even over the loss of Lil Bit yet, this is all just too sad. I guess we can only hope they are together and hope for strength at the nest in whatever is going on today. Wow.

    Thanks Twizz for always having up to date news on our feathery friends. ((hug))

    so whats up with an owl attack at the nest? I havent read the chatters today, do you know anything about this?

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