Cam seasons ends at the Hanover, PA and Eagles4kids nests

The eaglecams at both the Hanover PA nest and the Eagles4kids nest have been turned off for the season.  There was lots to watch and learn at both nests this season, but neither nest had a successful breeding season.  The picture above shows that the Hanover nest with some collapse starting last week.  Talons crossed for a great season nest year at both of these nests, and a big thanks to the eaglecam providers who allowed us to peek into the lives of these special eagles!

3 thoughts on “Cam seasons ends at the Hanover, PA and Eagles4kids nests”

  1. Thanks to all in bringing us all the information me like a lot of others look so forward to learning about them they are Beautiful birds and so smart love them thanks again to the commission for sharing and the owner of the grounds for the power for the cameras. hope to be here next year to watch them all again.

  2. Grateful for those who let us share such a wonderful journey despite the sad endings at both. Perhaps the nest can be repaired and made ready for a successful 2017 hatch?

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