Celebrating Successes this Season at the eaglecam nests!

It has sure been a rough year at some of our eaglecams this season, and sometimes it seems like all I report is bad news, so I wanted to recap and celebrate how well so many of the nests are doing!  The table below shows the current status of active eaglecam nests with eaglets. (hopefully I didn’t miss any)  Some really great successes!

Cam Nest # of eaglets Status note age in weeks
Alcoa 2 7
AEF NEFL 2 fledged in March 23
AEF DC 2 10
Avon Lake 2 7
Berry 2 fledged 15
CarbonTV 2 6
Decorah 2 9
DNN 1 6
Duke Farms 2 9
ETSU Johnson City 1 10
ETSU Bluff City 1 fledged 12
Glacier Gardens unknown incubating – hatch expected soon
HWF delta 2 6
HWF Harrison Mills 1 3
Harmar 2 6
Harrison Bay 2 fledged 12
IWS West End 2 10
IWS Sauces 2 fledged 11
IWS Bald Canyon 2 7
MN DNR 3 fledged 12
MN Bound 2 8
NCTC 2 11
ND-LEEF at least 1 5
Pittsburgh Hays 2 10
RF Eaglecam 2 9
Southwest Florida 2 1 fledged, 1 healing 18
Sandy Ridge 2 7
Upper Mississippi 3 cam offline but doing well 11
Wolf River 2 7

11 thoughts on “Celebrating Successes this Season at the eaglecam nests!”

  1. This was my first year in this new world of Bald Eagles and their eaglets or babies. I started watching Washington DC and the cams were great and I so enjoyed all the cams everywhere and the people who watch, love, and care for these wonderful eagles. I want to thank the news we get on the nests, updates, and comments on our hurt and lost ones. I know that takes work and I am so thankful for all that you, and everyone does with the cams and nests. I will always especially think of Liberty and Freedom, and wish them a wonderful life of gliding high and free.

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