Sad loss of an eaglet at the HWF Delta nest – Critical Watch Alert

Sadly, the younger of the two six week old eaglets at the Hancock Wildlife Foundation’s Delta nest has passed away.  It appears that it had some sort of respiratory problem.   As always, a Critical Watch Alert is issued to alert viewers of the possible difficulties in watching how the deceased eaglet is disposed of at the nest over the next few days.  I have to apologize for not issuing a Watch Caution earlier when I first learned of the problem at the nest a few days ago.  I know that many folks who watch the nest suffered along with little Pippin as the problem progressed.  Many ((hugs)) to all who love and follow this nest.

4 thoughts on “Sad loss of an eaglet at the HWF Delta nest – Critical Watch Alert”

  1. It’s never easy to receive your notes of “Critical Watch” – another sad day in the life of Eagles. RIP little one – may your new wings take you on many adventures – There are a few to guide you that have past this season. You will be missed 💛💚 Thank you as alway’s Twizzkid for all you wonderful work & keeping everyone in touch…

  2. Always so sad losing a baby who didn’t get a chance to really “be an eagle” yet. Soar high and free and watch over your family, little one…♥

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