June 9 update on injured eaglet E8 – all pins removed

Here’s what CROW posted yesterday on their Facebook page:

E8 UPDATE: The remaining pins have been removed from E8’s right leg and the eaglet has started to bear more weight on the leg and use the right talon. E8 is eating frequently on its own without assistance and continues to remain bright, alert and responsive.”

6 thoughts on “June 9 update on injured eaglet E8 – all pins removed”

  1. What wonderful news. I am so glad he continues to progress. It must have been a scary and painful time for him when he was knocked out of the nest by the owl. I have asked a couple of times if you know why he would be having trouble eating on his own. I haven’t seen an answer yet. The page has a lot of emails so I know it might be that the question was answered, but I couldn’t scroll down far enough to see it because so many posts came in afterwards.

  2. Blessings and angel wings to all involved in care & healing of E8! Fabulous result – the Eagleholic community is grateful!

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