News from the Nests – cam season end at SWFEC, lots of fledges and a fludge!

Just catching up with some of the news around the nests as the cam viewing season begins to wind down at many of the eaglecam nests.  The Southwest Florida Eaglecam has ended their cam season – it sounds like they were getting close to that time and had some storm problems, so have said they are removing the cams today.   News on the recovery of E8 will continue to be posted as we have it.

There are also lots of fledges to report!  The following nests (that I know of) have had fledges in the last week or so:  ETSU Johnson City (JC7), AEF Washington DC (both), Pittsburgh Hays (H6), RF Eaglecam (one fledge so far),  Decorah’s D24 and both eaglets at NCTC (fludges but made it back to the nest).   Way to go fledglings!

That leads me to the fludge, or accidental branching mis-step at Duke Farms.  One of the eaglets popped out of the nest and down in the tree.  It seems fine and the parents are around.  It has been working its way back up but not quite to the nest so far.  The pic above is from Duke Farms, showing where the eaglet is now.

4 thoughts on “News from the Nests – cam season end at SWFEC, lots of fledges and a fludge!”

  1. Thank you for always keeping us eagle-holics up to date on all the nests. Whenever I see an eagle update email from you, I always read that first. I appreciate your posts throughout the eagle season, thanks so much!

  2. Do you know why they are doing a repeat video on decorah north where it was believed they ate something poisoned and a second eaglet died. Has something happened to the remaining eaglet? I saw it yesterday and it was soaking wet from rain. Now you see a repeat of the mom sitting in the nest, and no signs of the eaglet.

    Thanks, Karen

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