Storm tossed eaglets at Alcoa – blown right out of the nest. They are okay!

At the Alcoa Davenport nest, they had a power outage a couple of days ago, and when they went to check on the nest, found the two 9.5 week old eaglets on the ground, apparently having been blown or fell from the nest during the storm that knocked out the power.  The eaglets have been checked and generally seem a-okay.  They are not quite old enough to fledge, so today, a team from the local office of U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service helped put the pair into a tree, which is a safer place for them to be than on the ground.  They reported that the parents are around and attentive and everyone is continuing to monitor the situation.   Here’s a link to the cam and more detailed explanation of the happenings of the last day or two along with photos.  it looks like they don’t have power restored to the cams just yet, but they are working on it.

2 thoughts on “Storm tossed eaglets at Alcoa – blown right out of the nest. They are okay!”

    1. Here’s what Alcoa wrote on their blog about not putting them back in the nest tree: “Since they are 9.5 weeks old it will not be long before they are able to fly. The hope is they will stay in this tree for a week or more. There are plenty of branches at different levels for them to use. If they come back down to ground level we will continue to monitor them but not attempt to put them back in a tree. Hopefully in a few days they will be able to do that for themselves.” hope that helps!

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