Rescue attempt currently underway for an injured eaglet from the RF Eaglecam nest!

Cam watchers noticed that one of the two recently fledged eaglets from the RF Eaglecam nest was on the ground hopping for an extended period of time.  It is suspected that the eaglet has an injured leg.  Authorities were called and consulted and help is on the ground this morning searching for the eaglet to capture it and get it into care.  At this nest, it has been really difficult to watch because earlier in the season, the cam was knocked from its mounting and has been dangling down, limiting what we can see to just a corner of the nest, but now, that same view, the one that shows the ground beneath the nest, made it possible for those very dedicated cam viewers to realize that the eaglet was injured.  In the photo, you can’t see the eaglet, but the light green on the path is a person looking for the eaglet.   Link to cam

4 thoughts on “Rescue attempt currently underway for an injured eaglet from the RF Eaglecam nest!”

  1. Can you give any updates on the search for the eaglet that fell from the tree? Is the search continuing? I thought he/she was spotted and I am so fearful it may be dehydrated and starving by now.

    1. Hi Maryanne, I don’t have too much of an update. MsO, one of the most active cam watchers did see two eaglets flying, the day after the search, which is encouraging, but as far as I know, there hasn’t been any ground confirmation of the current status of the eaglet. I wish there was more info to share. Also a parent was seen today with the other eaglet on the nest, so that indicates that parents are around and caring for both eaglets, also a good indication.

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