Welcome to the 2016-2017 Eaglecam season! News from the Nests!

Hi everyone and welcome to the new eaglecam season for 2016-2017!  There are quite a few eaglecams that are already online for the new season (or stayed online throughout).  I’ve reset the Eaglecam list to show current status and clear out all the dates from last season.

Here is a little bit of news from the nests:

Both the Florida cams are reporting lots of activity at the nests.  Typically, these are the nests where we see the first chicks of the season.  The AEF Northeast Florida nest came online for the season yesterday, and I’ve seen reports that the cams are going in for the Southwest Florida cam as we speak.  (the picture with this post is Juliet from the Northeast Florida nest having lunch today)

Our beloved eaglet E8 from last season, was released back into the wild on August 18 after a successful rehab from a broken leg.  So happy to know E8 is in the wild again!

The Upper Mississippi nest, where we watched a trio of adult eagles raise young, will have new cams and wiring installed for this year.  Last year it went offline toward the end of the season with technical difficulties.

I know of at least one new eaglecam that is being planned in Tennessee.  It is located at Dale Hollow Lake. More as I learn more!

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