A free downloadable 2017 Eagleholic Calendar with Egg Watch dates highlighted!

Quick link – please click the link below for details on how to get your copy of the calendar! (the link just goes to another page on this website with the download link, more detailed info and other links for different versions)

2017 Eagleholic Calendar with Egg Watch dates

a little more info: So… I’ve been dabbling in fabric design and have lots a fun with a weekly design contest at Spoonflower. Spoonflower is a website the lets you design and print your own fabric with whatever you want have on it.  One week each year, the theme is to design a calendar tea towel. Last year I did my first Eagleholic calendar design and this year debuted the 2nd annual design.  It is such fun to do and always exciting to inspire some new eagleholics among my fabric friends at Spoonflower!  The link above will take you to the page on this same website where you can download a free pdf version, or use other links to purchase the final tea towel design from Spoonflower or as a poster from Zazzle.

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