New Nest, New Camera and New Name for the Alcoa Davenport Eaglecam

Eagle parents Liberty and Justice have decided to build a new nest this year!  It is close to the old nest and they installed a new upgraded cam that shows the new nest, yay!  The new cam also includes night vision, something we haven’t had in the past at this eaglecam, so way cool!  The cam we have come to know as the Alcoa Davenport cam is now part of Arconic.  On Tuesday, November 1, Alcoa separated into two publicly traded companies. Davenport Works and Arconic.  The cam is handled by Arconic.  Their website also changed and the link has been updated on our eaglecam links page.  Here is the new address:

6 thoughts on “New Nest, New Camera and New Name for the Alcoa Davenport Eaglecam”

  1. Love the new camera at Arconic. One minor correction, though. The two companies are the newly named Arconic and one retaining the name Alcoa.

    1. Hi, thanks for the info. I had just copied the text of the company names from the blog on their website, so that is the best official info I have for now. Maybe they didn’t describe it correctly there, but at this point, I’ll leave the blog post as is. I appreciate the heads up though.

      1. I just started working at Arconic last month after the split. I was told that Alcoa split into Alcoa and Arconic.

    2. they are not working on my end so well i cant enlarge them and they are frozen images most of the time then i refresh and they will work a little and freeze again but at least i get to see them so all is well in the end

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