An idea to help AEF and thank all of the volunteers who made the eagle evacuation possible

I have seen many people wanting to help with the fire situation, but like me are too far away to help directly.   In looking at the AEF website, I see that they have been trying to raise money for a utility trailer for a while.  I thought it might be cool to see if we can raise the money for the trailer as a thanks for all of their dedication and hard work in this emergency (and always).  They have a page on their website set up already for donations for the trailer.  If we could each give even a tiny bit, I bet we could help them get that trailer and be better prepared going forward.  It is just an idea and since they already have the wish item up on their site, we know it is something they need.  I will donate what I can and if others do too, I bet we can make a dent in the funding for it!  Here is the link to their page for donations for the trailer:

Huge thanks in advance for anyone who can donate and even if you can’t, a huge thanks from me (I’m not directly connected to AEF in any way) for all the beautiful well wishes I’ve seen in support of AEF during the emergency.

note: I have never done this type of post as I know that there are so many deserving recipients of whatever donations we each can make and I can’t really post all of the ones I hear of, but the AEF has done so much for so many eagles and eagleholics over the years, that I think this one time, I’ll break my own rules about this topic – and it’s my blog, so I guess I can. LOL. 

11 thoughts on “An idea to help AEF and thank all of the volunteers who made the eagle evacuation possible”

  1. They also need pet carriers to transport the eagles in, PetSmart donated and others have loaned them carriers so they could get our beloved eagles out of harms way. I thought we might donate one but the cost is out of range for us.

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