Update: Eagle evacuations from AEF successful!

AEF is reporting that “all 80+ birds at American Eagle Foundation have been relocated to a safe space now (removed last night (Nov. 28) and early this morning (Nov. 29) from both off-park and on-park facilities in Pigeon Forge)”  Great news and kudos to the amazing dedication and courage by all who helped!

Regarding the need for carriers, here is their update: “We received an outpouring of support and received all the kennels we needed to transport Eagles, but several of them are only loaners. lf you are still interested in donating one to our nonprofit anyway, we would like to build a full collection of kennels for future emergencies! They do need to be the L/XL/Giant plastic vari-kennel-type so we can make them as dark as possible (also metal dog crates harm the Eagles feathers). Thanks for your help and passion! If you would like to donate a kennel as described, respond to this post and we will PM you instructions when we can! Thank you!

Local news is reporting that so far, no structures inside Dollywood have been damaged by fire, but that the entire area remains under general threat by the fires.

7 thoughts on “Update: Eagle evacuations from AEF successful!”

  1. You guys are absolutely awesom. I have been so worried about all the birds but having visited the AEF twice and having met the dedicated workers I knew that they would not rest until all were safe. Thank You for your dedication to these wonderful birds. I can’t wait to come down and visit again.

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