You are awesome!!!! AEF received over $6,000 in donations for the trailer!

I’m very happy to pass along a big thank you from AEF for the donations that you all sent for their needed utility trailer!  They received over $6,000 in just the past week that were earmarked for the trailer!  You guys are amazing and I am proud and honored to be part of such a great group of eagleholics!  And to everyone who donated, or shared the idea, or sent good thoughts and prayers for AEF during the fire emergency, a big thank you from me too!

5 thoughts on “You are awesome!!!! AEF received over $6,000 in donations for the trailer!”

  1. Awesome news! A little bit from each Eagle lover made this possible. Thanks for bringing your wonderful idea to us. How wonderful for AEF.

  2. Wonderful news that a group of bird lovers came together to help a stellar organization.
    It is particularly special today … on a day in our history that so many brave human beings were hurt and/or died.
    Twizz as always thank you for being who you are and pulling this together!
    Friends today is a good day!!

  3. Thank you for having the incite to pull together the eagle community in times of need. You are a hero. It just goes to show what we can do as a whole.

  4. Twizz, this is great news! I’m sorry that I don’t remember the name of the person who suggested we do this. I had a feeling we would all band together and raise a good sum of money. I’m happy for AEF. Out of the tragedy of the forest fire, something good actually happened. Thanks, Twizz.

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