New Eaglecam! The new Dale Hollow Lake eaglecam is up and running!

We have a new eaglecam this year and they started live streaming today.   It is located at Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee.  They haven’t provided too much info on the history of the eagle pair, other than that they have been seen nesting in this location for the past 5 seasons, with chicks seen each year.  Here is a link to the cam: For those who use Facebook, they also have a Facebook page here:

12 thoughts on “New Eaglecam! The new Dale Hollow Lake eaglecam is up and running!”

  1. Now I see why #3 is so much smaller. The biggest one got fiesty today and put the little ones head in his beak. The little one just melted to the nest. I thought maybe he was dead (maybe protection mode?) He the tried to get some more food and the big one chompted again. I sure hope the brut stops hurting his sibling. I have never see 3 hatch before. Lots of 1’s and 2’s. Mom is very attentive.

    1. Yes, what you saw is common behavior, some call it ‘bonking’ (I doubt that is an official term – lol). It is a natural thing for the bigger ones to intimidate the smaller ones to get food first, and for the smaller ones to duck away and lay low until they get a chance to feed. What often makes a difference in the end is just how much food is available. If the bigger chicks are satisfied, then the little one eats and enough food is what makes difference. We have seen little ones like this one thrive at nests and ones where they don’t, so talons crossed for sure! So glad to hear that you are seeing that the parents are attentive!

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