Upper Mississippi Refuge eaglecam online for the new season – a Trio of Eagles!

The Upper Mississippi Refuge cam is up and running for the new season.  We watched last year as a trio of adult eagles (two male and one female) successfully raised three eaglets.  The camera had tech problems mid-season and went offline, but local observers noted that they believe all three eaglets fledged successfully.  Repairs have been made and the camera is streaming again for this year.  When I checked this afternoon, I was lucky enough to see all three on the nest working on nestorations.  So amazing to watch this unusual family of eagles!   Link to cam: http://stewardsumrr.org/webcams/bald-eagle-nest-cam-live/

3 thoughts on “Upper Mississippi Refuge eaglecam online for the new season – a Trio of Eagles!”

  1. Sunday NYTimes, Magazine Section; cover photograph of a gorgeous bald eagle with a most interesting story inside about how they are so prolific now that poultry farmers have taken to scaring them off with loud pop guns! Otherwise they lose too many prime birds to predation. Someone in authority really has to write back to NYTimes about this – our beloved national symbol is getting a bad rap as a thief and destroyer of farmers’ income.

  2. Wow, a threesome of eagles raising one clutch of eggs. I could possibly see 2 females and one male, but 2 males and only one female just blows my mind. This brings about so many possible scenarios in my head as to how this unusual arrangement came about and what keeps it going. Just fascinating…..going to bookmark the live cam

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