Planned rescue for 7 week old eaglet “Peace” from the NEFL nest in a few hours

There has been a situation developing at the Northeast Florida nest for the past few days with suspected fishing line tangled on one of the eaglet’s feet.  AEF has been monitoring the situation and has decided to go up and get the eaglet from the nest.   Talons crossed for a good outcome! Here is their statement posted a bit ago:

Early Friday – February 10, 2017 – The American Eagle Foundation (AEF) plans to retrieve the eaglet “Peace” the from its wild nest in Northeast Florida.

On February 6, 2017, AEF NEFL Remote Camera Operators alerted AEF officials Al Cecere and Gretchen Butler about the balance problems the 7 week old eaglet was exhibiting. After closely monitoring the eaglet via live streaming nest cams for hours, we noticed black monofilament (commonly used for fishing) wrapped around the left foot, including the hallux. Shortly after the discovery of the fishing line, the female parent “Juliet” appeared to be pulling and tugging on a clump of moss while going after a piece of food, and it is believed that the parent had removed the line from the eaglet’s foot.

Once the fishing line was identified, AEF immediately began talking to USFWS and making plans to rescue “Peace.” We were beyond excited that this problem seemed to have been resolved without the need for human intervention which is rather rare when fishing line enters a nest. So, thereafter, our plans were to continue to monitor the eaglet, but then a storm rolled through the area knocking power out for almost 24 hours. The electricity was restored on February 8, at which time it was immediately noticed that “Peace” was still having significant balance problems.

A decision was made on the evening of February 8 to continue plans for the rescue, which will hopefully take place early in the morning on February 10, 2017 – at which time our cams will be taken offline.

“Peace” will be taken to the Audubon Raptor Center for a complete medical checkup and assessment.

7 thoughts on “Planned rescue for 7 week old eaglet “Peace” from the NEFL nest in a few hours”

  1. And a reminder that AEF has stressed to NOT to call the Audubon place for updates on Peace. Updates will be delivered by AEF at the chatbox on nest cam page or on their Facebook page. Audubon needs to keep their lines open for any other rescues. Thanks!

    1. Haven’t heard any updates yet. Keep watching their Facebook page or the AEF Nest Cam page. They will post updates there. Cams aren’t back up yet.

      1. I understand, this is why I normally quote the text that is posted on Facebook in these types of situations. I know that some don’t use Facebook.

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