Amazing Fourth egg at IWS Sauces, sadly also immediately broken

It is unusual to see a fourth egg and it is heartbreaking that all of the eggs laid so far this year at Sauces have broken.   Dr. Sharpe, director of the program at IWS in answering if anything can be done to help determine what has gone wrong said: “There is no way to determine why the eggs are breaking without trapping and examining the female, and we would not do that during the breeding season”  Link to cams:

3 thoughts on “Amazing Fourth egg at IWS Sauces, sadly also immediately broken”

  1. Can’t they retrieve a broken egg for analysis? Or have they all been eaten? I don’t follow this nest, but have done some research over the years regarding eggs breaking. In 2008, when the two eggs at the Norfolk nest were abandoned (and became unviable) due to an intruder disrupting incubation, the local officials got permission to remove the eggs from the nest. They did this to encourage the pair to lay a new clutch of eggs. The Norfolk pair went on to lay 3 more eggs (for a total of 5 eggs laid during that nesting season). Two of those eggs were broken when Mom Norfolk was startled in the middle of the night. The last egg hatched and was named Buddy. He had health issues and became a Wildlife Ambassador at the Wildlife Center of Virginia. Two take-aways: The eggs can be retrieved and analyzed (unless they have been eaten). It’s not unusual to see more than 2 or 3 eggs laid if something happens to a clutch early in the nesting season. However, the later eggs will have thinner shells as Mom’s reserves are used up…

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