“Peace” cam now live! Watch eaglet Peace recover and learn to fly!

Wonderfully, we can now watch as the rescued eaglet Peace from the AEF NEFL nest recovers and learns to fly.  Provided by the
Audubon Center for Birds of Prey, here is a link to the cams page and the explanation provided on the page about the cam and info about Peace:


Also in our flight is a young eaglet, Audubon reference number 051-17 AKA “Peace”. “Peace” was hatched on December 18th, 2016. He was rescued from his nest on February 10, 2017 after the NE Florida eagle cam  https://www.nefleaglecam.org/  (run by the American Eagle Foundation) observed very abnormal, staggering behavior. A wide range of tests were performed to rule out any abnormalities. This eaglet’s treatment was successful even though the source of the staggering behavior has not been identified. He is now off all medications and being housed in our flight until he is flighted, which should be very soon. Eaglets of this age find comfort in being housed with non-aggressive adult eagles such as Bald Eagle # 709-16.

Peace’s sibling is also very close to fledging – they are both considered “branchers” at this age because they are very actively flapping and jumping around on the nest and nearby branches. It is extremely dangerous for us to return an eaglet at this age back into his nest because the sibling would surely jump and could get injured. “Peace” will be released at his nest area as soon as he can fly.

4 thoughts on ““Peace” cam now live! Watch eaglet Peace recover and learn to fly!”

  1. Nestmate, Hope has fledged from the nest as of this morning, March 2, 2017! Well wishes to the both of them!

  2. Thank you for all you do for these magnificent intelligent Eagles!!! I watched DC First Lady and the President raise their family in 2016 & I’m anxiously awaiting the new family to hatch. Then the fun begins and will last 12 weeks> WOW!!! Thanks!

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