Sadly another egg laid and broken at the IWS Sauces nest

It looks like the Sauces pair started a second egg clutch, with a new egg laid yesterday.  Unfortunately, like the eggs of the previous clutch, this one has broken.  It is so hard to watch them working so hard to do what nature says, but experiencing continued broken eggs.    Link to cam:

4 thoughts on “Sadly another egg laid and broken at the IWS Sauces nest”

  1. Twizz, this just breaks my heart. I wonder if the Eagles themselves are wondering why their shells always break. I know this nest is monitored. I think the gentleman’s name is Dr. Peter Sharpe. Perhaps something has happened to the environment or food supply of these precious eagles. I wonder if they have looked into that possibility. Anyway, my heart goes out to this nest.

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

    1. It sure is heartbreaking, I was afraid to even check on the status after the most recent egg was laid. You are right about Dr Sharpe. I know he has said that since the nest is active, they can’t approach, and that even if they could, the eggshells if analyzed wouldn’t be able to tell them very much, so it seems it will be really hard to figure out what is happening.

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