Critical Watch Alert – Dale Hollow nest!

As many know, the littlest eaglet at Dale Hollow referred to as DH3 was significantly smaller than the two older eaglets and did not have the same opportunities to get food and thrive.  This afternoon, the oldest eaglet severely attacked the youngest and it appears that the youngest did not survive.  However, this is not confirmed.  A Critical Watch Alert is issued when things happen that may be difficult to watch so that people will know and may choose not to watch the nest at this time.  If the little one passed away, the parents may take actions to dispose of the passed away eaglet.  This can be very hard to watch.  It is possible that they may move the eaglet from the main part of the nest, bury the eaglet in the nest, or they could eat the remains.   At the time of the attack, one parent came in and covered the smallest one with nest material.   If the worst has happened, many condolences to those who love and watch this nest.

17 thoughts on “Critical Watch Alert – Dale Hollow nest!”

  1. This is so sad that little one fought so hard. It is really hard with three. I saw and an osprey nest the two older siblings knock down and smoother the youngest. The mother removed his tiny body from the nest heart breaking. I think we may have lost both babies in DC one egg did not hatch and the one chick was very lethargic and the cam is off line. Nature can be so sad sometimes

    1. That’s the reason, no matter what “nature” does to other nests, this is one we interloped on and it was OUR DUTY to have stepped in and prevented the inevitable!

      True, nature can be cruel, but bad things happen to children around the world that we can’t see, but we would not sit back and just watch a child starve and then get murdered!
      I’m not saying that eaglets have the same value as humans, but what I am saying is that, ON THE NESTS WE CAN SEE, we should step in and protect the eaglets. Now, due to us “letting nature take it’s course” we have allowed an eaglet we SHOULD have rescued get murdered by it’s sibling, knowing it would happen!

      CRUEL & Inhumaine is what WE were!

      1. 1. It is against the law to approach eagle nests during nesting season, except under extraordinary conditions. These conditions, while sad, are not extraordinary.

        2. Eagles are animals, and therefore should not be held to the same moral and ethical standards as humans. Otherwise, they’d all be arrested for public nudity. (So no, that was *not* murder. It was instinct triggered by what, from what I understand, was the relative scarcity of food at the nest.)

      2. I agree with u with the nest we watch we should interference for the safety of the baby eagle I cried my heart out this morning I don’t understand why y’all did not try to save the baby y’all saved peace and yes I am comparing them so please someone explain it to me how u can save one but not the other I don’t understand so help me understand

      3. Pamela, each nest has it’s own policies, but all must follow the applicable laws. I know one thing that made a difference in the decision to rescue Peace was that the problem was suspected to be man-made. In other words, humans may have caused the problem if Peace was tangled in fishing line or something else man-made. In the case of little DH3, the problem experienced was not something immediately caused by humans (although I get that one could and some do feel that human activity in the area and putting up nest cams is human interference). It is always a really difficult call to make for the cams. I know that they struggle with it. At this blog, I can only report what they decide to do. We don’t have any direct influence on the operators of the eaglecams and their policies, but I welcome people to share their thoughts and feelings here.

  2. RIP Lil one, you will forever fly free! I was watching as it happened. It was by far the worst I have witnessed in all the years I’ve been watching. We have to remember this happens whether we watch or not. As individuals we have been given the fabulous opportunity to get a look into countless eagle nests, we have to take the good with the bad. If you go to the Dale Hollow Web site there is a report explaining why there was no intervention. Thank you for this site and all you do for all the eagle community!!!

  3. I am still in shock! I tuned in at the wrong time and saw it out of nowhere…the vicious beating-just like a “rag doll”is correct Jeanette Carr…I never want to see this again-it was much worse than the DNN nest last season.RIP Teeny…you were a little warrior…but God id now holding you in his hands and will feed you forever now…poor baby…Many tears here..I was so much pulling for Teeny…as we all want the littlest one to survive…

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