Upper Mississippi Trio eaglecam is back on

They have turned the camera back on.  The two remaining male eagles have been seen continuing to care for the eaglets.  I have not seen any update on the female that is presumed injured.  Link to cam: http://stewardsumrr.org/webcams/bald-eagle-nest-cam-live/

6 thoughts on “Upper Mississippi Trio eaglecam is back on”

    1. Pat, I’m not sure. I have seen reports that the two males have been defending the nest while caring for the eaglets, but I don’t know if anyone has identified who they are defending against.

    1. the most recent info that I saw, was that they were not looking for the female due to difficulties in doing a search and not wanting to disturb the nest area.

  1. Are you still searching for the female? Will the 2 remaining males care for the young? Will they find another female ?
    Praying for Mother Nature to be kind .

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