Confirmed Hatch at the Pittsburgh Hays eaglecam nest!

While the current camera isn’t able to give us a good look at the hatchling because of the long distance view, observers have confirmed that there is an eaglet at the Pittsburgh Hays nest.  If you remember, the original nest that the cam gave us a view of, fell down in a storm.   The eagles moved nearby and quickly rebuilt a nest and now have a successful hatch!   Link to cam:

Here is what the Audubon Society of Western PA posted on their Facebook page

Audubon Confirms Hatch at Hays Nest Based on Parents’ Behaviors

[Pittsburgh, PA] – Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania has confirmed a hatch at the rebuilt Hays Bald Eagle nest. The confirmation is based on the adult eagles’ behaviors. Because the webcam cannot see into the rebuilt nest, there is no visual confirmation of the hatch. However, the parents are exhibiting behaviors consistent with a hatch. They are bringing food into the nest and ripping it into small pieces, then leaning over to feed the eaglet.

Audubon will continue to monitor the nest and wishes to thank the eagle watchers on the trail for their continued updates on what’s occurring in the nest. When images are available of the chick, Audubon will distribute them to the media and via social media.

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