Update: Rescued KC eaglet now in Rehab

The eaglet who was rescued from a fallen nest and placed into a man-made nest in hopes that the parents would continue to care for it, has now been pulled from the man-made nest and taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center for care and hopefully a release back in to the wild.  While initially mom eagle did bring some food for the eaglet, the parents eventually stopped coming to the man-made nest.  Here is what was posted on the Facebook page by those who made the initial rescue and attempt to keep the eaglet in the wild:

“Hi everyone, After much thought and research we have decided to pull the eaglet. We thank you all for your support and concern and please be assured that KC will receive the best care possible during his stay in licensed rehabilitation center until he is finally released back into the wild. Thanks to Dana and this team for all there hard work and time with this. I don’t know of many people who would have gone to these lengths to try and keep this eagle where he belongs in the wild. We have learned a lot that might be able to help other eagles in similar situations. So we look for the silver lining in all of this and move on to do our best for KC. Thank you Kimberly Hess.

I thank Kim for all the help, and her ability to have a network of associates at her disposal on a nationwide level. That will give him what he needs at this time. KC was never mine, he belongs to Mother Nature. We were just trying to help him. The internet was down most of the day. Sadly when it was decided it was best to go to plan B, we did not have cameras up and running. KC will be fine.
There were so many great people that I got to speak with that were caring and loving people with a passion.
I am out of the loop now. I have spent a lot of money and time on this that got dropped in my lap. This is not a complaint more of a pleasure! It was an opportunity of a lifetime! But now it is time for me to regroup and get back on track with life. The wheel keeps right on rolling and the bills keep coming. Same as anyone else. This experience is now passed on to others to continue.
I will not be answering any posts.
I have to shift gears and try to catch up with all that I stopped to assist KC.
Keep your passion for your life and the animals! Stay safe.

13 thoughts on “Update: Rescued KC eaglet now in Rehab”

  1. I do not believe Dana and Kim Hess fully had this eaglets best interest in mind. From thee first phone call, this eaglet should have been sent to proper Raptor Rehabilitation Center for care and observation, not some wildlife center. An eaglet falls several feet…it is in shock, it is in unfamiliar surroundings…so they x-ray they leg – nothing broke, that is good news, however, they did not fully think through this – sprains, shock, swelling, etc. Instead, for some misguided glory, he made a small box made of pine and put atop a high tower in direct sunlight several feet away from the original nest and everyone was claiming him a hero – even had the local news brought in. Good PR for Monkey Island – here come the donations. They were also stating this was a pioneering effort on his part, this is false. Back in 2013, a few game wardens in Southern Florida created 5×5 boxes and placed them in trees for the eagles and this was done in Decorah.
    There are several other trees in close proximity that his man made nest could have been placed. But his camera would not have had a good view.
    The moment I saw this happening, I emailed and called USFWS and several other organizations, noting this all wrong. A small pine box that the eaglet could not move about SAFELY, pine holds heat, and in direct sun, but, finally the mother did arrive and start to feed the eaglet. But she could not fit in this nest and she did not feel safe to perch on the side of the nest. All the while watching this eaglet limp around and everyone is hoping it would not fall over the sides.
    Then came the idea of making it bigger and place nets underneath. WHAT!!!! All that effort to get the mothers trust and to get the mother to feed the young and now he wants to change things. Are you serious!!!
    So then we see this pine box that is deeper and has perches attached covered with plastic indoor/outdoor carpet and a small amount of straw/hay…let’s think about this – pine holds heat, that carpet holds heat and that little bit of straw holds heat and there was no shade for this little one to find, plus his limping around has gotten worse. It was an eagle oven. More calls/emails are going out.
    Then he wanted to wait for the mother again – this was not happening, she had been spooked enough. Yes, she was close by, but with all the changes and movement around, she lost interest. Instead of “pulling” this eaglet – as Kim Hess stated, they wanted to wait and give it more time. Sixty three hours later – yes 63 hours, he climbs up a ladder to drop off food.
    All the while, a few close friends of his are asking for donations for this eaglet on Facebook and most of eagle viewers are tuned in to watch this drama unfold instead of calling/emailing the USFWS to get the help this young eaglet deserves. A large group of us did call/email – thank goodness!!!
    Finally the eaglet has been “pulled”, and now neither Dana or Kim will update with the care of this eaglet, makes you wonder why! But those close friends are still asking for donations.
    Our only hope is that this eaglet is not in the care of Kim Hess or her organization and that this young eaglet receives the PROPER care it should have received from the beginning at a Licensed Raptor Rehabilitation Center.

    1. Tell it…….. you are right about ALL you said, TOTALLY agree with all your FACTS.
      This whole interaction with this eaglet WAS WRONG PERIOD.
      It was injured from the beginning, put in small Box to just like you say, slowly cook. This baby was slowly dying. It was traumatized, and I’ve seen more humane rescues, the parents watching human interference Everyday kept them away, they will never come back to feed etc. why would they, humans took it upon themselves to do the parents job……stupid, careless, shameful, WRONG.

      Rescues are to be quick, quiet, and respectfully done, so as to not keep parents from coming back . This was not done here at all.

      When I saw the the video of the net being put over baby and then a towel so this guy could make platform for parents, pissed me off beyond words, ( forgive my language).

      There are more people speaking out against what was done and I am so happy about that, it’s great. There are a few speaking out against those who find what was done to be ok and they don’t understand what the fuss is all about, that’s ok, they have a right to feel like they do, they want to waste their money, to each their own. But I would ask them this, “if you were this baby, how would you like to have been cared for”?. It’s the golden rule to me, wether your human or animal.

      I hope and pray that this baby is getting the best care EVER, but I don’t know. If they aren’t going to give updates to all that care about this baby, well it’s like I told Kim Hess, you have to live and answer for your choices just like all of us have to.

      God bless this baby, I hope someway it feels how many care and love him/her.

      Thank you for keeping in touch and for all you have done, please KNOW you are NOT ALONE in how you feel.

      Peace to you, and thank you.


  2. I do believe that Dana should be given so much gratitude. for those of us that follow the eagles, that’s all we do is follow, take pictures and stream video, we don’t really DO anything but talk about how fantastic these birds are. Dana actually did something and there are no previous notes to take from, this was a first time attempt to help a wild animal stay wild. who has climbed a tree to feed an eagle because it had to be done-Dana. everything that was done was done to help that baby, it didn’t work. now the baby is again being rescued but in a different way, one we didn’t want to see, by a rehabilitation center, ok -KC is alive and one day we will see it’s offspring in the trees overhead, it was an awesome attempt and I think Dana did an fantastic job. thank you for sharing this with all of us.

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